Facilities and Innovative Technologies

Protecting our assets and environment

WA:ERA’s facilities research expertise has maintained a clear focus on meeting the research and development needs of the oil and gas industry in the areas of offshore infrastructure on the seabed (subsea and pipelines), through the water column (risers) and on the surface (floaters).

The ultimate aim of our research is to use advances in technology to reduce whole-of-life infrastructure risks and costs to industry, while maintaining a reliable, long-term and environmentally responsible gas supply in sensitive marine environments.

“Research is not a cost, but should be seen as investment that carries a very attractive rate of return. The US Department of Defense has demonstrated that every dollar spent on corrosion research returns 50 dollars in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.”

Professor Rolf Gubner, Chevron-Woodside Chair in Corrosion Engineering and Director of the Corrosion Centre for Education, Research & Technology at Curtin University.

Research Snapshot

The Western Australian Corrosion Research Group (WACRG) at Curtin is developing the ability to test the effectiveness of volatile corrosion inhibitors to tackle ‘top of the line’ (TLC) corrosion.

TLC is a significant problem associated with the production and transportation of wet gas that can cost millions of dollars a year in the replacement of pipelines affected by the unavoidable transportation of corrosive elements such as water, carbon dioxide and organic acids.

WACRG has developed test rigs which allow more rigorous testing and consequently the ongoing modification and optimisation of corrosion inhibitors.

The True Triaxial Stress Cell (TTSC), the first of its kind in Australia, is an operational technology designed to improve access to oil and gas located deep beneath the Earth’s surface in highly unstable geological environments, by providing accurate simulations of the 3D stresses involved.

People, education and engagement

Educating and training the next generation of scientists, engineers and skilled industry professionals capable of addressing the energy challenges of the future is an important objective for WA:ERA.

WA:ERA’s academic and industry members are investing heavily in the development of the infrastructure necessary to attract, educate and retain students in disciplines critical to the growth of the oil and gas industry.

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